Residential Locksmith Service

Be proactive instead of reactive

In most cases, residential burglary is a crime of opportunity. You can eliminate the opportunity and minimize the chance of burglary by making your home as difficult as possible to enter. With Holt Lock & Key service we carry the right knowledge and equipment to get the job done right the first time.
You can be assured that our locksmith will always arrive for your scheduled appointment in full uniform and driving a marked vehicle.

Holt Lock & Key specializes in complete security solutions for your home. With our knowledge we can help you choose your door locks, deadbolts and trim to match your door. We stock a variety of home security products from the leading manufacturers.

Quality deadbolt locks with a minimum one-inch throw are recommended by most police departments. These locks should be mounted so one cannot open the door after breaking a window. The number one method of entry for a burglar is an unlocked window. The number two method of entry is through a door without a sufficient lock being used.

A keyless entry lock can be a great security solution for a busy family and very reasonably priced. We supply several brands of keyless locks from leading manufacturers to meet your families needs.

With identity theft on the rise, storing documents in a safe can save you a lot of distress in the event of a burglary. See our Safe page to read more about ways that Holt Lock & Key can help with this.

Feel free to call us with any question regarding your home security needs.

Home Security Checklist
  • Install the highest security deadbolts.
  • Rekey your locks immediately if you loose a key or can't account for all of your copies. 
  • Secure sliding glass doors with a Charley bar or other effective locking system. 
  • Keep your doors locked at all times, weather or not you are home.
  • Do not hide keys outside.
  • Have a deadbolt installed on the service door of your garage.
  • Keep the door leading from an attached garage into the house locked. 
  • If possible, have your locks keyed alike so that you only have one key to account for.